Creativity is dead, everything has been done, and yet...

I got a bit of a shock this afternoon, when I opened my email.  I found an article about a public art piece. I thought it was a call for proposals and as I read I noted they were trying to incorporate both fishing and rodeo, of course my mind went to a sketch I had done for a client during the Ketchum art festival. It was of a fisherman riding a giant trout rodeo style. Here is a picture. 


This was done in early July of this year (2017).
So I was very surprised to see when I opened the link, this picture was at the top of the article. 

My first thought was “Oh man! Now someone will think I stole the idea when I finish it”, but then I thought, “I guess it means I’m on the right track if I am creating ideas that more established artists are doing”.
The link to the article is here. And I recommend that you check out the sculptor, John Lopez’s work as the wax shown in the article is just a sketch. His work is awesome, and totally different form my style. Proving once again, that there is room for everyone with a dream, or an idea, even if the ideas are similar, or the same, the execution will always be different, and personal.